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Mecalac Products at Murley Construction

Whenever you use Mecalac construction equipment, you get efficient, powerful and reliable machines that help you accomplish any task within budget and on time. 

From backhoe loaders to site dumpers, mobile excavators to wheel loaders, compaction loaders, we have the products and service support that works for you.

7MWR Wheel Excavator

7MWR Wheel Excavator
The fusion of the advantages of wheeled and crawler excavators brought about a unique Mecalac solution, conjugating mobility, versatility, stability, accessibility, driving user friendliness, lifting power and profitability. This is MWR series
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9MWR Wheel Excavator

11MWR Wheel Excavator

6MCR Crawler Skid-Excavator

8MCR Crawler Skid-Excavator

10MCR Crawler Skid-Excavator

AX700 Wheel Loader

AX850 Wheel Loader

AX1000 Wheel Loader

AF1050 4 Wheel Steered Loader

AF1200 4 Wheel Steered Loader

AS50 Swing Loader

AS700 Swing Loader

AS900 Swing Loader

AS1600 Swing Loader

AS210e Swing Loader

AT900 Telescopic Loader

AT1050 Telescopic Loader

TLB890 Backhoe Loader - Sideshift

TLB990 Backhoe Loader - Sideshift

TA1H Site Dumper

TA2H Site Dumper

TA3 Site Dumper

TA6 Site Dumper

TA9 Site Dumper

TA10P Site Dumper

MBR71 Single Drum Roller

TV800 Tandem Vibrating Roller

TV1000 Tandem Vibrating Roller

TV1400 Tandem Vibrating Roller

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