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DL580-5 Wheel Loader 'The Heavy-Duty Beast'

Doosan proudly introduced the new DL580-5, a member of the 'large range' family of wheel loaders.

This machine was developed on the DL550-5 platform, but with may improvement targeting very heavy-duty and block-handling applications.

The DL580-5’s overall size is almost the same as the DL550-5, but the new model is equipped with a series of features that make the machine extremely reliable and durable. The robustness of structural components, hydraulic parts and the sophisticated double circuit axle cooling system give you the right solution for any heavy application you need to handle.

Here is an overview of the features Doosan provides as standard options for the DL580-5:

  • Heavy Duty axles with great brake force of 6 brake discs
  • Double circuit axle cooling system as standard option
  • Heavier counterweight allows you manipulation with heavy loads with great machine stability
  • Strongest steering unit and cylinders provide smooth and easy driving with heavy load
  • Heavy-Duty reinforced kinematic
  • Full quick coupler port and piping installed on the arm ready-to-use


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