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Other Gardening Equipment at Murley


AGRI-FAB offer a comprehensive line up of Spreaders to suit a wide range of gardens and estates offering ease of use and excellent results.

Capacity   -   22 - 79 kg | Spread width   -    8 ft to 12 ft 

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All Agri-Fab carts and trailers are made to last and made to efficiently and easily carry the load.

It’s not necessary to go back and forth to get your bags of fertilizer, mulch or any load from one place to another.  A cart or trailer can do that for you – most of the time in one trip!  And, by choosing an Agri-Fab cart or trailer you can be sure it’s the best you can buy. 

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If you’re looking for that perfect lawn, an Agri-Fab Lawn Roller could be your answer.  It’s one of the best and easiest ways to make your lawn look great.Agri-Fab Roller

A roller is also good for new sod and freshly seeded lawns by flattening the soil to promote stronger root growth.  Agri-Fab has a wide range of rollers to meet your every need.

Roller Weight  -    up to  249 kg

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Your mower creates a layer of dead grass between the soil and leaves of the grass plant.  Too much dead grass weakens the grass roots.

The Agri-Fab de-thatcher effectively loosens and lifts thatch for healthy lawn growth.

Working Width  -     Up to  122 cm

Please contact us on 01926 494336 for details of the full range,  or click on the Agri-Fab logo to visit their website.

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